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"BERWICKSHIRE Civil Parish map" by The Imperial gazetteer of Scotland. Vol.I. by Rev. John Marius Wilson.  Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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THIS is the most south-easterly county of Scotland; it is bounded on the east by the North Sea, and on the west by the counties of Edinburgh and Selkirk; on the north by the county of Haddington, and on the south by Northumberland and Roxburghshire. It measures from east to west thirty-five miles, and from north to south twenty-two, and its area comprises 267,161 statue acres, or 464 square miles. In point of size, Berwick ranks as the twentieth Scottish county.

Berwickshire is divided into three districts, namely Merse, Lammermoor and Lauderdale. The Merse is the largest and most valuable district, and embraces that tract of low land between the Lammermoor Hills on the north, and the river Tweed on the south, having Lauderdale for its western boundary. Lammermoor consists of nearly 90,000 statue acres. The district of Laduerdale contains about 67,000 statue acres. The eminences of Berwickshire - those of the greatest altitude above the level of the sea - are Soutra Hill, 1,716 feet; Crib Law, 1,615; Clint Hill; 1,544 : Meikleless Law, 1,531; Tippet Knowes, 1,323; Dirrington Law, 1,309; and Twin Law, 1,260.

The exports of Berwickshire consist of great quantities of corn, coal, sheep and eggs; and these indeed, may be considered as the extent of its commerce. Berwickshire is strictly pastoral and agricultural; the principal crops are wheat, barley, oats, beans and turnips, the latter being extensively cultivated. Manufactures finds its chief seat at the principal town, Berwick

The principal lines of railway in this county are the North British and its many branches, and the North-Eastern.

Berwickshire comprehends (exclusive of Berwick town), thirty-three parishes and two parts of parishes; and contains one royal burgh, Lauder-Berwick-upon-Tweed is a royal burgh, and sends one member. The present member for the county is H. J. Tenant, Esq. The lord lieutenant of the county is the Earl of Home. Population, 32,257.

SOURCE: Lamburn, Charles. The border counties business directory, comprising Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire, Peeblesshire, and Berwickshire (1897)

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Bridewell Jail Prisoners

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Here is the full list of the prisoners in Jedburgh Prison in the 1851 Census:

Jedburgh Parish, Book 9, Page 2
Jedburgh Prison

David Blyth; Prisoner; Unmarried; 12; Hawker; Roxburgh, Kelso
Andrew Cairns; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh,
John McKeady; Prisoner; Unmarried; 30; Mason; Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas
William McDonald; Prisoner; Married; 36; Basket-Maker; Midlothian, Edinburgh
James Buchanan; Prisoner; Unmarried; 19; Railway Laborer; Donegal, Donegal
William Wallace; Prisoner; Married; 35; Fishmonger; Down, Roughisland
William McFarlane; Prisoner; Unmarried; 25; Stocking-Weaver; Roxburgh,
Benjamin Lamb; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; Stocking-Weaver; Roxburgh, Hawick
Thomas Costello; Prisoner; Unmarried; 23; Railway Labour; Ireland,
Andrew Wilson; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Slater; Midlothian, Dalkeith
Robt. Elder; Prisoner; Unmarried; 22; Tailor; Roxburgh, Hawick
Peter Blyth; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Hawker; Roxburgh, Kelso
Matthew Blyth; Prisoner; Married; 38; Basket-Maker; Roxburgh, Yetholm
William Crocket; Prisoner; Unmarried; 35; Cotton-Weaver; Lanark, Biggar
John Ferguson; Prisoner; Married; 55; Stocking-Weaver; Roxburgh, Hawick
Robt. Miles; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Kelso
William Bailie; Prisoner; Unmarried; 19; Basket Maker; Roxburgh, Kelso
Elliot Aling; Prisoner; Unmarried; 25; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Kelso
James Rutherford; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh,
Simon Hossack; Prisoner; Unmarried; 18; Baker; Roxburgh, Kelso
Thomas Hogg; Prisoner; Widower; 49; Fisherman; Roxburgh, Roxburgh
William Scoon; Prisoner; Unmarried; 33; Cattle-Dealer; Roxburgh, St.
Michael McAndrew; Prisoner; Married; 21; Shoemaker; Mayo, Kilcommon
George Scot; Prisoner; Unmarried; 38; House Servant; Roxburgh, Ancrum
George Scot; Prisoner; Unmarried; 28; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Kelso
John Taylor; Prisoner; Married; 52; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh, Yetholm
William Taylor; Prisoner; Unmarried; 22; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh,
John Bolton; Prisoner; Unmarried; 25; Agricultural Laborer; Roxburgh,
Helen Kirk; Prisoner; Married; 47; Housekeeper; Dumfries, Holywood
Elizabeth Ritchie; Prisoner; Unmarried; 12; Nill; Roxburgh, Kelso
Margaret Duncan; Prisoner; Unmarried; 22; Hawker; Fife, Cupar
Jane Kyle; Prisoner; Unmarried; 26; House-Servant; Roxburgh, Kelso
Janet Mundle; Prisoner; Unmarried; 21; House-Servant; Dumfries, Dumfries
Catherine Elliot; Prisoner; Married; 47; Hawker; Midlothian, Edinburgh
Agness Wilson; Prisoner; Married; 29; Hawker; Midlothian, Edinburgh

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Graveyards in Berwickshire

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Cemetery index was kindly donated by Anne Hupert This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Now we need to post cemetery transcriptions for every cemetery. If you own copyright free transcriptions and want to share with other researchers, please contact us. Thanks all for contributing to BerwickshireGenWeb


Graveyard Location
Abbey St Bathans Parish Church
Ayton Parish Church
Bunkle (or Benkyl) and Preson, Combined Parish Bunkle Parish Church and old Preston Churchyard on road from Duns to Preston Village
Channelkirk Parish Church
Cockbuhnspath Parish Church
Cockbuhnspath (St Helens on the Lea Ruins of Chapel on Dunglass
Coldingham Parish Church
Coldstream (Lennel) One mile out of Coldstream on road to Ladykirk
Cranshaws Parish Church
Cranshaws - Old In fields south of Cranshaws Castle
Duns Parish Church
Duns (Vault at Nisbet Castle  2 miles to south on road to Coldstream
Earlston Parish Church
Eccles Parish Church
Eccles (Birgham) Birgham Village
Eccles (Earnslaw Farm) In wood at farmhouse
Edrom Parish Church
Eyemouth In town - west of Home Arms Hotel
Fogo Parish Church
Foulden Parish Church
Gordon Parish Church
Greenlaw Parish Church
Hume (Combined Parish of Snitchell and Hume) On old road north of Hume Byers Farm
Hutton Parish Church
Hutton (Fishwick) In field on Mr. Stobe's farm at Fishwick
Ladykirk Parish Church
Ladykirk (Horndean) In field between Horndean village and River Tweed
Langton In wood near Brownlie's Saw Mill at ruins of Langton House
Longton (Gavinton) At present Parish Church of Langton at Gavinton Village
Lauder Parish Church
Legerwood Parish Church
Longformacus Parish Church
Longformacus (Ellemford) Site of graveyard, with no stones left, is behind a gamekeeper's cottage of Cranshaws/Duns road
Mertoun In fields at Magdalen Hall Farm, near Parish Church
Mertoun  (Dryburgh) Dryburgh Abbey
Mordington On main road, south of present Parish Church
Mordington (old) Among trees in field south of Mordington House
Mordington (Lamberton) At Lamberton Farm, off Ayton to Berwick road (A. L.)
Nenthorn In grounds of Nenthorn House
Nenthorn (Newton Don) In grounds of Newson Don House
Polwarth Parish Church
Swinton Parish Church
Swinton (Simprim) At corner of Swinton/Coldstream road, about 1 1/2 miles south of Swinton Village
Westruther At ruins of old Parish Church in village
Whitsome In fields est of Parish Church
Whitsome (Hilton) At Hilton Farm