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By The Imperial gazetteer of Scotland. VOL.II. Edited by Rev. John Marius Wilson., via Wikimedia Commons



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THIS County lies in the South of Scotland, bounded by Roxburghshire on the east and south-east, on the west by the counties of Dumfries and Peebles, and on the south and south-west by Dumfriesshire. The county extends 27 miles from south-west to north-east, and is 17 1/2 miles in breadth. Its area is 260 square miles, or 166,524 acres, of which 1997 acres are under water. In size the county stands as the twenty-fourth, and in population the twenty-seventh of the counties of Scotland. The principal mountains, with their altitudes, are - Blackhouse Hills, 2,370 feet; Windlestrae Law, 2,295; Law Kneis, 1,900; the Three Brethren, 1,978; Black Andrew, 1,966; Pentlaw, 1,964; Wardlaw, 1,900; Minchmoor, 1,877; Hangingshaw Law, 1,780; and Peatlaw, 1,557.

The county is well watered by the Ettrick, the Yarrow, and the Tweed; the latter valuable river, after draining Peeble-shire, intersects the northern extremity of Selkirkshire from west to east, during the placid course in a deep channel of nine miles, when it is joined by the Ettrick, and, receiving the Gala, passes on to Roxburghshire and Berwick-on-Tweed, where it empties itself into the German Ocean.

The manufactures of this county consist of woollen, tweeds, tartans, shawls, and hosiery, together with the tanning of leather and the dressing of sheep and lamb skins. There are also several engineering and machine making establishments.

The principal railway line with which this county is connected is the North British, and the chief town that lies in its route is Galashiels, and a branch from the main line runs to Selkirk.

The county of Selkirk contains only three complete parishes, namely Ettrick, Stow, and Kirkhope, but has portions of seven other parochial divisions. The only towns are those of Selkirk and Galashiels - the former a royal burgh. This county joins with Peebles-shire in returning one mem- ber to Parliament, the present representative being Walter Thorburn, Esq. The lord-lieutenant is Lord Polwarth.

Business Directory of the Counties Of Roxburgh, Selkirk, Peebles, And Berwick. Edinburgh: Charles Lamburn, 1893.

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