"ROXBURGHSHIRE Civil Parish map a" by The Imperial gazetteer of Scotland. VOL.II. Edited by Rev. John Marius Wilson.
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THIS County, which lies on the south-eastern border of Scotland, is bounded by Northumberland on the east, Dumfries-shire on the south-west, by the county of Selkirk on the west, by Berwickshire on the north, and by Northumberland and part of Cumberland on the south. The area of the shire contains 670 square miles, or 428,494 acres. The county is divided by its waters into several districts, of which the chief and largest is Teviotdale, which forms the south-west corner of the county, comprehends the alpine territory, which is drained by the Liddle and its tributaries, and contains 120 square miles. The third division lies between the Gala and Leader streams, measuring 26 square miles; and the fourth, which is situated north of the Tweed, is included in "the Merse," and comprehends 27 square miles. In size, Roxburgh is the fourteenth, and in population the seventeenth of the counties of Scotland.

The southern parts of Roxburghshire are very mountainous. The following are the principal mountains and eminences, with their respective altitudes above the level of the sea : - Cheviot, 2,682 feet; Auchopecairn, 2,382; Chill Hill, Millenwood Fells and Windhead Fells, each 2,000; Tudhope Fell, 1,830, Carter Fell, 1,602; Meggs Hill, 1,480; Ruberslaw, 1,392; Eildon Hills, 1,330; Dunniaa, 1,021; Minto Hills, 858; and Minto Craigs, 649.

The manufactures of Roxburghshire is that of articles manufactured from wool, the seats of which are at Hawick, Jedburgh, and Kelso, where flannels, blankets, tartans, woollen cloth, lambs'-wool yarn, and hosiery are extensively manufactured. The salmon fisheries of the Tweed are of consequence, and yield handsome rents to the proprietors.

The principal railway line in connection with this county is the North British, with its several branches.

The County of Roxburgh comprises thirty entire parishes, and five parts of parishes; it contains only one royal burgh - Jedburgh - which, in connection with Haddington, Dunbar, North Berwick, and Lauder, returns one member to Parliament, and the county sends another. The present member for the county is the Hon. Arthur Ralph Douglas Elliot. The lord-lieutenant is the Duke of Roxburghe.

Business Directory of the Counties Of Roxburgh, Selkirk, Peebles, And Berwick. Edinburgh: Charles Lamburn, 1893.

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