"PERTH & CLACKMANNAN SHIRES Civil Parish map" by PERTH & CLACKMANNAN SHIRES. Civil Parish Map. The Imperial gazetteer of Scotland. VOL.II. Edited by Rev. John Marius Wilson.
Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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Clackmannan, the old county town, is named after the ancient stone associated with the pre-Christian deity Manau or Mannan.The stone now rests on a larger stone beside the Tollbooth and Mercat Cross at the top of Main street, Clackmannan.

Legend has it that Robert the Bruce mislaid his glove while in the area and, on asking where it was, was told "Look aboot ye". The county's coat of arms shows a pair of gloves.

Clackmannanshire became known for the weaving mills powered by the Hillfoots burns. Other industries included brewing, glass manufacture, mining and ship building.

Now capitalizing on its central position and transport links, Clackmannanshire attracts service industries and tourism.(source Wikipidia)

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