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Aberdeenshire forms the north-eastern corner of Scotland, and is situated betwixt 56°.52' and 57° 42' north latitude ; and between 1° 48' and 3° 46' west longitude from Greenwich. It has a sea-board -- from the mouth of the Dee, and the Girdleness at Aberdeen, to the Tore of Troup at Pennan in Aberdour parish, which measures 62 miles, following the sinuosities of the coast - and from its semi-circular shape, radiating about 20 miles from the church of Methlick, it may be styled promontorial.

It is bounded on the North by small portions of the parishes of Banff and Alvah, and the parish oi Gamrie in Banffshire, and by the Moray Firth, from Pennan to Kinnaird's Head, at Fraserburgh. On the East by the German Ocean, from Kinnaird's Head, to the Girdleness at Aberdeen. On the South by about 14 miles of the lower course of the river Dee, and the county of Kincardine; the tops of the Grampian range, and the counties of Forfar and Perth. And on the West by the Braeriach mountains, and Inverness-shire, and partly by the Glenlivat hills, and partly by the lower course of the river Doveran, and the county of Banff.

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Leith Hall Castle Frazer Toloquhon Castle
Huntly Castle   Balmoral Castle Duff House
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