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1861 Census Dirleton, East Lothian, Scotland

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1861 Census Dirleton, East Lothian, Scotland

Extraction work done by Lynne Isenor

The following list is not in alphabetical order but in order of how the census taker encountered the households. To locate a specific name use the "find in top window" option (or equivalent) from your web browser menu.

The categories given are name (first and last), relationship to head of household, marital status, age, occupation, place of birth. Some of the major landowners have additional notes about their estates. (See the bottom of page two for explanations of some of the abbreviations used.) A question mark denotes that the word or letter is illegible or very difficult to read correctly from the microfilm.

This census is divided into the following parts: Enumeration District 1, District 2 (including the Village of Kingston), District 3 (including the Village of West Fenton), found on this page; and District 4 (including the village of Gullane), and District 5 found on the following page.

Enumeration District 1

Pg. 1

Ferrygate Cottage

Alexander PADDER/head/m/28/ploughman/Ratho, MLN

Helen PADDER/wife/30/North Berwick, ELN

Alexander PADDER/son/6/scholar/Ratho, MLN

James PADDER/son/5/scholar/North Berwick, ELN

Helen PADDER/dau/3/North Berwick, ELN

David PADDER/son/9m/Dirleton, ELN

Ferrygate Irish Bothy

Michael ROURKE/head/u/34/cattleman/IRL

Catherine MCMANUS/fellow servant/u/30/ag lab/IRL

Catherine HALECHAR/fellow servant/u/20/ag lab/IRL

John REYNOLDS/fellow servant/u/18/ag lab/IRL


David CROOKS/head/m/54/ag lab/Cranston, MLN

Helen CROOKS/wife/49/Stoe, MLN

Patrick CROOKS/son/u/17/blacksmith app/Bolton, ELN

John CROOKS/son/15/ag lab/Bolton, ELN

David CROOKS/son/13/scholar/Bolton, ELN

Mary CROOKS/dau/10/scholar/Bolton, ELN

Agnes CROOKS/dau/5/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Alexander CROOKS/gson/4/Dirleton, ELN


Charles WATT/head/m/40/ploughman/Athelstaneford, ELN

Marion WATT/wife/42/Prestonkirk, ELN

Charles WATT/son/u/20/ploughman/Athelstaneford, ELN

George WATT/son/u/18/ploughman/Moreham, ELN

Christina WATT/dau/u/16/ag lab/Prestonkirk, ELN

Richard WATT/son/u/14/ag lab/Moreham, ELN

James WATT/son/11/scholar/Moreham, ELN

Helen WATT/dau/9/scholar/Spott, ELN

Andrew WATT/son/7/scholar/Moreham, ELN

Thomas WATT/son/4/North Berwick, ELN

Marion WATT/dau/2/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 2

Ferrygate Cottage

Peter SAMUEL/head/m/31/ploughman/Gladsmuir, ELN

Mary SAMUEL/wife/31/Gladsmuir, ELN

Margaret SAMUEL/dau/4/Garvald, ELN

John SAMUEL/son/2/Garvald, ELN

Jane SAMUEL/3m/Dirleton, ELN

Helen THOMSON/sister in law/m/33/ag labs wife/Gladsmuir, ELN

Ferrygate Cottage

William AINSLIE/head/m/55/ploughman/Gladsmuir, ELN

Marion AINSLIE/wife/54/North Berwick, ELN

Janet AINSLIE/dau/u/26/ag lab/Haddington, ELN

William AINSLIE/son/13/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Robert DARLING/gson/1/Dirleton, ELN

Ferrygate Cottage

Helen DUDGEON/head/w/60/Whitekirk, ELN

Marion DUDGEON/dau/u/27/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth DUDGEON/dau/u/25/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Barbara DUDGEON/dau/u/23/Dirleton, ELN

John DUDGEON/son/u/21/ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

James DUDGEON/son/u/17/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 2-3

Ferrygate Highland Bothy

Anne RONALDSON/head/u/28/ag lab/Duirnish, INV

Bell MCNEIL/fellow servant/u/21/ag lab/Barra, INV

Janet MCNEIL/fellow servant/u/20/ag lab/Barra, INV

Euphemia THORNBURN/u/18/ag lab/Duirnish, INV

Anne MCLEOD/fellow servant/u/18/Duirnish, INV

Pg. 3

Ferrygate Cottage

William FOGGO/head/m/48/groom/Humbie, ELN

Mary FOGGO/wife/44/Crailing, BEW

Elizabeth STOBBIE/niece/u/14/general servant/Smailholm, BEW

Ferrygate Cottage

Thomas PRINGLE/head/48/farm overseer of 460 acres employing 15 labs, 12 women, 2 boys/Salton, ELN

Catherine PRINGLE/wife/46/Gifford, ELN

Grace PRINGLE/dau/u/19/dressmaker/Aberlady, ELN

Lillias PRINGLE/dau/u/17/general servant/Aberlady, ELN

Alexander H PRINGLE/son/13/scholar/Aberlady, ELN

James PRINGLE/son/13/scholar/Aberlady, ELN

Isabella H PRINGLE/dau/4/Athelstaneford, ELN

Catherine PRINGLE/dau/4/Athelstaneford, ELN

Robert S PRINGLE/son/3/Athelstaneford, ELN

Linkhouse Cottage

Margaret MONCRIEFF/head/w/54/Pencaitland, ELN

Helen MONCRIEFF/dau/u/21/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

Alexander MONCRIEFF/son/u/15/ag lab/Whitekirk, ELN

Wilhemina MONCRIEFF/dau/11/Athelstaneford, ELN

Linkhouse Cottage

George HUNTER/head/m/59/rabbit killer/Stenton, ELN

Susan HUNTER/wife/54/Dunbar, ELN

George HUNTER/son/u/20/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth HUNTER/dau/u/17/Dirleton, ELN

John HUNTER/son/u/14/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Alice HUNTER/dau/13/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 4

Williamstone Farm House

John CALLANDER/head/u/58/farmer of 82 acres employing 3 men, 3 women, 3 boys/Dirleton, ELN

Agnes MOFFAT/servant/u/38/general servant/Newbattle, MLN

Peter COWAN/servant/u/15/stable boy/Prestonkirk, ELN

Williamstone Cottages

William COMB/head/m/49/farm grieve/Garvald, ELN

Mary COMB/wife/44/Prestonkirk, ELN

James COMB/son/u/19/ploughman/Prestonkirk, ELN

Agnes COMB/dau/u/15/general servant/Prestonkirk, ELN

Andrew COMB/son/2/North Berwick, ELN

Williamstone Cottages

Robert YOUNG/head/m/43/ploughman/North Berwick, ELN

Janet YOUNG/wife/44/Athelstaneford, ELN

Helen YOUNG/dau/u/18/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

David YOUNG/son/u/16/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

Mary YOUNG/dau/13/scholar/Prestonkirk, ELN

Eliza YOUNG/dau/13/scholar/Prestonkirk, ELN

Robert YOUNG/son/8/scholar/Prestonkirk, ELN

Agnes YOUNG/dau/6/scholar/Prestonkirk, ELN

Newhouse Farm House

Janet ROBERTSON/head/u/28/domestic servant (housemaid)/Dirleton, ELN

Marion LOWE/fellow servant/u/20/domestic servant (cook)/Gladsmuir, ELN

Newhouse Bothy

Janet BUICH/head/u/30/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Euphemia MCDONALD/fellow servant/u/27/ag lab/INV

Anne MCLEOD/fellow servant/u/24/Snizort, INV

Mary CAMPBELL/fellow servant/u/24/Snizort, INV

Catherine MCNAB/fellow servant/u/20/Duirinish, INV

Newhouse Cottage

William BLACK/head/m/44/ploughman/Prestonkirk, ELN

Margaret BLACK/wife/50/Humbie, ELN

Isabella BLACK/dau/u/24/ag lab/Whittinghame, ELN

Alexander BLACK/son/u/19/ag lab/Whittinghame, ELN

John BLACK/gson/4/Whitekirk, ELN

Pg. 5

Newhouse Cottage

Adam ORPHANT/head/m/30/ploughman/North Berwick, ELN

Jemima ORPHANT/wife/32/North Berwick, ELN

Jane ORPHANT/dau/8/scholar/North Berwick, ELN

George ORPHANT/son/6/North Berwick, ELN

John ORPHANT/son/3/Dirleton, ELN

William YOUNG/visitor/u/26/cellarman/Lanark, LKS

Margaret ORPHANT/sister, visitor/u/25/domestic servant/North Berwick, ELN

Newhouse Cottage

William VERT/head/m/36/ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

Mary VERT/wife/36/Dirleton, ELN

William VERT/son/12/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Mary B VERT/dau/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth VERT/dau/8/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Richard VERT/son/5/Dirleton, ELN

James VERT/son/2/Dirleton, ELN

Alexander VERT/son/2/Dirleton, ELN

Newhouse Cottage

William VERT/head/w/73/farm overseer/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth BLAIR/servant/u/22/general servant/Dirleton, ELN

Newhouse Cottage

Mary CAMPBELL/head/u/59/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Archibald CAMPBELL/nephew/u/33/ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

Jane STORRIE/grandniece/14/scholar/Gifford, ELN

Highfield Farm House

Charles HOWDEN/head/u/22/farmer of 400 acres employing 13 men, 10 women, 3 boys/Falkland, FIF

Christina THOMSON/aunt/w/54/Pencaitland, ELN

Mary LIDDLE/servant/u/23/domestic servant (cook)/Moreham, ELN

Elizabeth CHALMERS/servant/u/14/domestic servant (housemaid)/Gladsmuir, ELN

Pg. 6

Highfield Cottage

George HERKES/head/m/48/farm steward/Athelstaneford, ELN

Mary HERKES/wife/50/Stenton, ELN

James HERKES/son/u/18/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

Mary HERKES/dau/u/20/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

Christine HERKES/dau/u/15/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

Jane HERKES/dau/12/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

Highfield Cottage

George BELL/head/m/47/ploughman/Pencaitland, ELN

Mary BELL/wife/49/Salton, ELN

William BELL/son/u/20/ploughman/Pencaitland, ELN

Marion BELL/dau/u/18/ag lab/Pencaitland, ELN

George BELL/son/12/scholar/Pencaitland, ELN

John BELL/son/10/scholar/Pencaitland, ELN

Highfield Cottage

Robert BURNS/head/m/33/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Isabella BURNS/wife/35/North Berwick, ELN

Peter BURNS/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Highfield Cottage

David RONALDSON/head/m/53/ploughman/Pencaitland, ELN

Alison RONALDSON/wife/43/Gladsmuir, ELN

Agnes RONALDSON/dau/u/25/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

Janet RONALDSON/dau/13/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

David RONALDSON/son/13/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

Isabella RONALDSON/dau/11/scholar/Gladsmuir, ELN

James RONALDSON/son/9/scholar/Humbie, ELN

Margaret RONALDSON/dau/5/Salton, ELN

Jane RONALDSON/dau/5/Salton, ELN

Peter RONALDSON/son/6m/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 7

Highfield Cottage

John THOMSON/head/m/29/ploughman/Moreham, ELN

Jane THOMSON/wife/27/Dirleton, ELN

James THOMSON/son/3/Dirleton, ELN

Alison Y H THOMSON/dau/10m/Dirleton, ELN

Highfield House

John WOOD/head/m/46/shepherd/Haddington, ELN

Janet WOOD/wife/52/St. Cuthberts, MLN

James ROSS/nephew/u/19/labourer in quarry/St. Stephen, MLN

Pg. 7

Highfield Cottage

Alexander KNOWLES/head/m/27/ploughman/Stenton, ELN

Lillias KNOWLES/wife/27/Whittinghame, ELN

Isabella KNOWLES/dau/4/Stenton, ELN

Alexander KNOWLES/son/3/Prestonkirk, ELN

Ann W KNOWLES/dau/1m/Dirleton, ELN

Alexander SHIELLS/brother in law/u/21/ploughman/Stenton, ELN

Highfield House

James BLACKIE/head/m/59/ploughman/Tranent, ELN

Euphemia BLACKIE/wife/52/Tranent, ELN

Euphemia BLACKIE/dau/u/18/ag lab/Tranent, ELN

Jane BLACKIE/dau/u/16/ag lab/Tranent, ELN

Helen BLACKIE/dau/12/scholar/Tranent, ELN

Highfield House

William HOGG/head/m/45/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

Alison HOGG/wife/40/not known, EDI

William HOGG/son/13/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

Alison HOGG/dau/9/scholar/North Berwick, ELN

Christine HOGG/dau/5/Dirleton, ELN

Ferrygate Cottages

Thomas POW/head/u/20/shepherd/Whitekirk, ELN

Linkhouse Bothy

Euphemia GILLIS/head/u/28/ag lab/Duirinish, INV

Marion PATON/fellow servant/u/24/ag lab/Duirinish, INV

Newhouse Stables Room

George PAXTON/head/u/19/ploughman/Haddington, ELN

Enumeration District 2

Village of Kingston



James H LAWRENCE/head/u/33/schoolmaster/Lecropt, STI

Margaret LAWRENCE/mother/w/63/Torryburn, FIF

Jane H HAY/cousin/u/23/Torryburn, FIF

William LAWRENCE/nephew/6/scholar/Edinburgh, MLN

Grocers House

Hugh GOODLET/head/m/33/blacksmith/Dirleton, ELN

Jane GOODLET/wife/38/North Berwick, ELN

Hugh GOODLET/son/7/scholar/Aberlady, ELN

Peter GOODLET/son/6/scholar/Aberlady, ELN

Ann GOODLET/dau/2/Dirleton, ELN

Jane GREEN/dau/u/19/grocer/North Berwick, ELN

John VEITCH/boarder/u/24/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

William GIBSON/app/u/17/blacksmiths app/Salton, ELN

Alexander ELLIOT/head/m/45/ag lab/Prestonkirk, ELN

Jane ELLIOT/wife/40/North Berwick, ELN

Alexander ELLIOT/son/u/14/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

Agnes ELLIOT/dau/8/scholar/Whittinghame, ELN

Margaret ELLIOT/dau/5/scholar/Whittinghame, ELN

Isabella BURNSIDE/head/w/66/Lauder, BEW

Margaret BURNSIDE/dau/u/29/ag lab/Dunbar, ELN

William SOUNES/head/m/69/ag lab/Pencaitland, ELN

Janet SOUNES/wife/61/Pencaitland, ELN

Elizabeth SOUNES/dau/u/22/ag lab/Colston?, ELN

Pg. 1-2

William SOUNES/head/m/28/ag lab/Pencaitland, ELN

Mary SOUNES/wife/29/Kilmuir, INV

Jessie A SOUNES/dau/2/Moreham, ELN

William SOUNES/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 2

William AITKEN/head/m/56/grieve/Cameron, FIF

Margaret AITKEN/wife/49/Haddington, ELN

William AITKEN/son/u/20/ag lab/Whitekirk, ELN

John AITKEN/son/14/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Isabella AITKEN/dau/11/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth MARR/head/w/m/21/Dirleton, ELN

William MARR/son/15m/Dirleton, ELN

Mary MORRISON/mother/w/40/Gladsmuir, ELN

John MORRISON/brother/6/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Andrew RAMAGE/head/m/36/ploughman/North Berwick, ELN

Ann RAMAGE/wife/42/North Berwick, ELN

Alice HAIG/niece/10/scholar/Edinburgh, MLN

Pg. 2


Catherine NICKSON/head/u/24/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Euphemia MCDONALD/fellow servant/u/19/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Marion MCKENZIE/fellow servant/u/24/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Rachel MCLEANON/fellow servant/u/21/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Ann MCDONALD/fellow servant/u/22/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

George LINDSAY/head/m/77/North Berwick, ELN

Margaret LINDSAY/wife/56/ag lab/Pencaitland, ELN

James LINDSAY/son/u/18/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Helen LINDSAY/dau/12/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

William REDGLIE/head/m/35/construction employing12 labs/Athelstaneford, ELN

Margaret REDGLIE/wife/26/Fala

Pg. 3

John HAMILTON/head/m/59/tailor (master)/IRL

Margaret HAMILTON/wife/59/tailors wife/Garvald, ELN

George R HAMILTON/son/m/32/tailor/North Berwick, ELN

John HAMILTON/son/u/25/lab/North Berwick, ELN

Thomas HAMILTON/son/u/22/ploughman/North Berwick, ELN

Mary HAMILTON/dau/u/19/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

Fredrick HAMILTON/son/14/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Alexander G R HAMILTON/gson/5/Dirleton, ELN

Williamina HAMILTON/gdau/2/Dirleton, ELN

James LLOYD/head/m/25/ag lab/IRL

Ann LLOYD/wife/28/IRL

James LLOYD/son/16m/Prestonkirk, ELN

George LLOYD/son/6w/Dirleton, ELN

Alison GILROY/mother/w/66/IRL

Thomas MELHARON/head/w/37/ag lab/IRL

Catherine MELHARON/dau/u/15/ag lab/IRL

John MELHARON/son/11/ag lab/Whitekirk, ELN

Patrick MELHARON/son/8/Whitekirk, ELN

Thomas MELHARON/son/6/Whitekirk, ELN

Pg. 3-4

David ALLAN/head/m/49/joiner keeps 2 app/Preston, BEW

Janet ALLAN/wife/43/Cockburnspath, BEW

John ALLAN/son/11/scholar/Cockburnspath, ELN

William ALLAN/son/7/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Janet ALLAN/dau/5/Dirleton, ELN

John LIDDLE/uncle/w/80/joiner/not known, BEW

John AULD/app/u/15/joiners app/Rirkliston?, Linlithgow

Pg. 4

Kingston House

William GRAY/head/u/60/farmer of 446 acres employing 12 labs, 14 women, 4 boys/Cockpen, MLN

James ROBERTSON/servant/u/26/groom, gardner/Hawick, ROX

Isabella LEITSTER/servant/u/33/cook/Dunbar, ELN

Jane ANDERSON/servant/u/28/kitchen maid/Fort?, DFS

Stewards House

Alexander CUNNINGHAM/head/m/48/farm steward/Cowie, FIF

Elspeth CUNNINGHAM/wife/46/Markinch, FIF

John CUNNINGHAM/son/8/scholar/Prestonkirk, ELN

Mary CUNNINGHAM/dau/6/Prestonkirk, ELN

Kingston New Cottages

John THOMSON/head/m/47/shepherd/Ormiston, ELN

Agnes THOMSON/wife/39/North Berwick, ELN

Leslie M THOMSON/son/u/16/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Francis THOMSON/son/14/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Catherine THOMSON/dau/2/Dirleton, ELN

Kingston New Cottages

Thomas YORKSTON/head/m/50/ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

Marion YORKSTON/wife/51/Dirleton, ELN

Agnes ALEXANDER/gdau/5/scholar/Kirkurd, PEE

Kingston New Cottages

Peter BROWN/head/m/31/ploughman/Gladsmuir, ELN

Helen BROWN/wife/33/Athelstaneford, ELN

James BROWN/son/10/scholar/Haddington, ELN

Mary BROWN/dau/8/scholar/Haddington, ELN

Agnes BROWN/dau/2/Tranent, ELN

Pg. 5

Kingston New Cottages

Peter CUNNINGHAM/head/u/24/ploughman/North Berwick, ELN

Isabella CUNNINGHAM/mother/w/58/North Berwick, ELN

Jane CUNNINGHAM/sister/u/30/North Berwick, ELN

Kingston New Cottages

Alexander LITSTER/head/m/48/ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

Helen LITSTER/wife/44/Stenton, ELN

Isabella LITSTER/dau/u/19/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Margaret LITSTER/dau/u/17/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Ann LITSTER/dau/13/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Kingston New Cottages

John GLASGOW/head/m/34/ploughman/Athelstaneford, ELN

Janet GLASGOW/wife/31/Haddington, ELN

Janet GLASGOW/dau/3/Gladsmuir, ELN

Agnes GLASGOW/dau/1/Dirleton, ELN

Kingston New Cottages

James RIDDLE/head/m/42/ploughman/Cockpen, MLN

Margaret RIDDLE/wife/50/Dunbar, ELN

Richard MAIR/adopted son/u/17/ag lab/Cockpen, MLN

Jane RIDDLE/dau/u/16/ag lab/Cockpen, MLN

Janet RIDDLE/dau/13/ag lab/Cockpen, MLN

Kingston New Cottages

Robert SMAILS/head/m/42/under grieve/Athelstaneford, ELN

Agnes SMAILS/wife/40/Gifford, ELN

Agnes SMAILS/dau/3/Dirleton, ELN

John SMAILS/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Marion SMAILS/dau/1m/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 6

Dirleton Station

Charles POLWART/head/m/24/station master/Tweedmouth, Northumberland, ENG

Elizabeth POLWART/wife/27/Berwick, BEW

Anthony POLWART/son/3/Berwick, BEW

Margaret POLWART/dau/1/Berwick, BEW

End of Village of Kingston.

Pg. 7

Chapel Farm

George LAMB/head/m/42/ploughman/Prestonkirk, ELN

Jane LAMB/wife/41/Tranent, ELN

Janet LAMB/dau/u/17/ag lab/Haddington, ELN

Mary LAMB/dau/u/14/ag lab/Haddington, ELN

Charles LAMB/son/10/scholar/Haddington, ELN

Thomas LAMB/son/8/scholar/Haddington, ELN

John LAMB/son/6/Haddington, ELN

Margaret LAMB/dau/4/Whittinghame, ELN

William LAMB/son/2/Dirleton, ELN

Chapel Bothy

Barbra PERRY?/head/u/32/ag lab/IRL


Marion FERGUSON/head/u/23/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

May MCLEAN/fellow servant/u/20/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Flora LINDSAY/fellow servant/u/23/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Pg. 7-8

Robert DALGLEISH/head/m/46/ploughman/Prestonkirk, ELN

Janet DALGLEISH/wife/42/Whitekirk, ELN

Robert DALGLEISH/son/u/22/ploughman/Prestonkirk, ELN

Margaret DALGLEISH/dau/u/16/ag lab/Prestonkirk, ELN

Beatrice DALGLEISH/dau/13/ag lab/Prestonkirk, ELN

Alexander DALGLEISH/son/10/scholar/Prestonkirk, ELN

Marion DALGLEISH/dau/7/scholar/Prestonkirk, ELN

Helen DALGLEISH/dau/5/scholar/Whitekirk, ELN

Catherine DALGLEISH/dau/1/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 8

John KNOX/head/m/50/ag lab/Tranent, ELN

Jane KNOX/wife/44/Perth, PER

Robert KNOX/son/u/18/locomotive cleaner/Inveresk, MLN

John S KNOX/son/8/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

William WILSON/head/m/61/ploughman/Drummel?, PEE

Georgina WILSON/dau/u/22/Newbattle, MLN

William WILSON/son/u/16/joiner/Eddleston, PEE

James DONALDSON/gson/u/20/ag lab/Newton, MLN

Helen WILSON/gdau/6/Kirknewton, MLN

Archibald AITKEN/head/m/27/ag lab/Whitekirk, ELN

Agnes AITKEN/wife/29/Dirleton, ELN

William AITKEN/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

William BREAKINRIDGE/head/m/48/ploughman/Pennicuik, MLN

Isabella BREAKINRIDGE/wife/37/Inveresk, MLN

Jane BREAKINRIDGE/dau/10/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

Elizabeth BREAKINRIDGE/dau/4/Inveresk, MLN

William AINSLIE/head/m/60/ag lab/Cockpen, MLN

Jane AINSLIE/wife/56/Newbattle, MLN

George BROWN/son in law/m/31/ag lab/Galston, AYR

Elizabeth AINSLIE/dau in law/22/Inveresk, MLN

Pg. 9

Andrew WOOD/head/m/58/shepherd/Channelkirk, BEW

Ann WOOD/wife/58/Rilmore, ARL

James WOOD/son/u/20/baker (not employed)/Fala

Henry WOOD/son/u/16/ag lab/Humbie, ELN

John WOOD/gson/7/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

Farm House

William HAY/head/m/49/farmer of 360 acres (Scots) employing 16 labs, 2 boys, 9 women/Inveresk, MLN

Euphemia HAY/wife/39/farmers wife/Edinburgh, MLN

Alison M HAY/dau/13/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

Isabella F HAY/dau/11/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

Willamina E HAY/dau/9/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

Thomas I HAY/son/6/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Emily B HAY/dau/2/Dirleton, ELN

Margaret GRAY/governess/u/30/Edinburgh, MLN

Margaret SANDERSON/servant/u/27/nursery maid/Tranent, ELN

Isabella MCNAB/servant/u/24/cook, dairy maid/Kilmour, INV

Helen EDMOND/servant/u/22/housemaid/Haddington, ELN

Alexander AMOS/head/m/30/ploughman/Stenton, ELN

Agnes AMOS/wife/31/Haddington, ELN

Christina AMOS/dau/6/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth AMOS/dau/1/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 9-10

Alexander PROCTOR/head/m/49/ploughman/St. Cuthberts, MLN

Janet PROCTOR/wife/45/St. Andrews

Charles PROCTOR/son/u/19/ploughman/Lasswade, MLN

Janet PROCTOR/dau/u/18/ag lab/Liberton, MLN

John PROCTOR/son/u/16/groom/Gladsmuir, ELN

Alexander PROCTOR/son/11/scholar/Liberton, MLN

Elizabeth PROCTOR/dau/9/scholar/Liberton, MLN

Agnes H PROCTOR/dau/7/scholar/Liberton, MLN

Henry D PROCTOR/son/2/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 10

Thomas MATHISON/head/m/62/retired servant (butler)/Earlston, BEW

Janet MATHISON/wife/62/retired servant/Edinburgh, MLN

Burnside Bothy

Helen MCDONALD/head/u/29/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

Flora MCNAB/fellow servant/u/22/ag lab/Kilmuir, INV

David ALLAN/head/m/46/farm steward/Salton, ELN

Margaret ALLAN/wife/45/Aberlady, ELN

David ALLAN/son/14/ag lab/Haddington, ELN

Pg. 10 Farm House

David HAY/head/u/34/farmer of 140 acres employing 9 labs, 3 boys/Inveresk, MLN

Janet AITKEN/servant/u/21/housemaid/Whitekirk, ELN

Congalton Toll

Andrew PRINGLE/head/m/68/toll collector/Haddington, ELN

Jane PRINGLE/wife/78/collectors wife/Edinburgh, MLN

John PRINGLE/son/u/48/gardner/Garvald, ELN

Jane SHIELLS/gdau/u/20/housekeeper/Stevenson, Haddington, ELN

Congalton Garden

Margaret ARK?/head/w/38/gardner of 21 acres/Aberlady, ELN

Elizabeth A ARK?/dau/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Louisa I ARK?/dau/6/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

William EASTON/servant/u/30/gardner/ABD

Richard HARDY/servant/u/19/gardner/Leith, MLN

Agnes HENDERSON/servant/u/17/domestic servant/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 11

Congalton Bothy

Catherine GUNCHON/head/w/55/IRL

Patrick GUNCHON/son/u/27/ag lab/IRL

Thomas GUNCHON/son/u/21/ag lab/IRL

Francis WATTERS/servant/m/48/basket maker/Leith, MLN

Henerrite WATTERS/m/basket makers wife/Dunbar, ELN

Henerrite WATTERS/dau/2/basket makers dau/Tranent, ELN

Charles REYNOLDS/fellow servant/u/16/ag lab/ IRL

Rockville Lodge

Elizabeth WADDELL/head/w/74/lodge keeper/Lauder, BEW

Jessie MCADAM/dau/u/30/ag lab/Linplum, ELN

Beatrice TAIT/gdau/5/Aberlady, ELN

Pg. 12

List of persons not in houses

Stable Room

James KELLIE/u/22/ag lab/IRL

Enumeration District 3

Pg. 1

West Fenton

John KEMP/head/m/36/farm steward/Inveresk, MLN

Charlotte KEMP/wife/35/farm stewards wife/Spott, ELN

West Fenton

Peter HANDYSIDE/head/m/68/farmer of 585 Imp. Acres employing 16 men, 4 boys, 14 women/Newton, MLN

David HANDYSIDE/son/u/20/agricultural student/Dirleton, ELN

Margaret MURDOCH/servant/u/34/domestic servant/Forres, MOR

Elisa BARRIE/servant/u/24/domestic servant/Prestonkirk, ELN

West Fenton

John PINCOTT/head/m/45/domestic servant, groom/Surey, ENG

Margaret PINCOTT/wife/47/Lasswade, MLN

Mary PINCOTT/dau/14/ag lab/S. Leith, MLN

William PINCOTT/son/12/scholar (absent)/S. Leith, MLN

John PINCOTT/son/11/scholar/S. Leith, MLN

Elizabeth PINCOTT/dau/7/Edinburgh, MLN

Pg. 1 West Fenton

John DURIE/head/m/57/ag lab (plough)/North Berwick, ELN

Isabella DURIE/wife/53/Haddington, ELN

Ann DURIE/dau/u/21/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

Joseph DURIE/son/u/19/ag lab/Dunbar, ELN

John DURIE/son/14/scholar (absent)/Moreham, ELN

Mary DURIE/dau/3/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 1-2

West Fenton

Ann WATT/head/w/52/Gladsmuir, ELN

William WATT/son/u/22/ag lab (ploughman)/Stenton, ELN

Peter WATT/son/u/17/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

Elizabeth WATT/dau/u/19/ag lab/Dunbar, ELN

Robert WATT/son/15/ag lab/Stenton, ELN

Margaret WATT/dau/11/scholar/Stenton, ELN

Ann WATT/dau/8m/Garvald, ELN

Pg. 2

West Fenton

Isabella WALLS/head/w/61/ag lab/Peterhead, ABD

Agnes DURIE/lodger/u/21/ag lab/Dunbar, ELN

Margaret DURIE/lodger/u/16/ag lab/Whittinghame, ELN

West Fenton

Alexander MCKENRIE/head/m/47/ag lab (ploughman)/North Berwick, ELN

Margaret BOMBER or MCKENRIE/wife/46/North Berwick, ELN

James MCKENRIE/son/u/17/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

William MCKENRIE/son/13/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

Alexander MCKENRIE/son/9/scholar/Athelstaneford, ELN

Margaret MCKENRIE/dau/6/Athelstaneford, ELN

Jane MCKENRIE/dau/3/North Berwick, ELN

Johanna WILSON/mother in law/w/71/?/Widow/Musselburgh, MLN

West Fenton

William WHITECROSS/head/m/71/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

Margaret WHITECROSS/wife/66/Whitekirk, ELN

Isabella WHITECROSS/dau/u/34/imbecile/North Berwick, ELN

Alexander WHITECROSS/son/u/28/ag lab (ploughman)/North Berwick, ELN

West Fenton

Peter DUDGEON/head/m/50/ag lab (ploughman)/Moreham, ELN

Jane SCOTT or DUDGEON/wife/47/Prestonpans, ELN

Mary Ann DUDGEON/dau/u/11/scholar/Prestonpans, ELN

Peter DUDGEON/son/9/scholar/Prestonpans, ELN

Robert DUDGEON/son/6/Prestonpans, ELN

John Hope NEILSON/boarder/u/52/blacksmith (journeyman)/Inveresk, MLN

West Fenton

William WILSON/head/m/36/ag lab (ploughman)/Pencaitland, ELN

Ann WILSON/wife/m/32/Channelkirk, BEW

Agnes WILSON/dau/8/scholar/Cranston, MLN

Isabella WILSON/dau/6/Humbie, ELN

Christina WILSON/dau/3/Salton, ELN

Adam WILSON/son/1/Salton, ELN

Pg. 3

West Fenton

William BLACK/head/m/35/ag lab ploughman/Haddington, ELN

Catherine BLACK/wife/37/Aberlady, ELN

George BLACK/son/2m/Dirleton, ELN

Anne BLACK/dau/2/Bolton, ELN

West Fenton

Thomas WILKIE/head/w/52/ag lab shepherd/Lasswade, MLN

Johanna WILKIE/dau/u/17/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

West Fenton

David BELL/head/m/28/ag lab ploughman/Haddington, ELN

Jane BELL/wife/28/North Berwick, ELN

Thomas BELL/son/6/Dirleton, ELN

Marion S BELL/dau/1/Dirleton, ELN

Bothy West Fenton

Mary MCGILVREY/head/u/30/ag lab/Strath, INV

Marion MCKINNON/head/u/30/ag lab/Strath, INV

Christina MCKINNON/head/u/20/ag lab/Strath, INV

Margaret MCKINNON/head/u/22/ag lab/Strath, INV

West Fenton

Ann CAMERON/head/u/30/Isle of Skye

Ann MCDONALD/head/u/39/ag lab/Isle of Skye

Pg. 3-4

West Fenton

Alexander SMITH/head/m/49/ag lab/Tranent, ELN

Christina SMITH/wife/45/Pencaitland, ELN

Alexander SMITH/son/u/20/ag lab/Prestonkirk, ELN

Ann SMITH/dau/16/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Charles SMITH/son/13/ag lab/Haddington, ELN

Jenet SMITH/dau/10/scholar/Haddington, ELN

George SMITH/son/7/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 4

West Fenton

Michael DEVIN/head/m/27/ag lab/?, IRL

Catherine DEVIN/wife/26/Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

Christina DEVIN/dau/6/Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

Peter DEVIN/son/11/2/Dirleton, ELN

Ann GLEN/servant/22/bondager/Rosscomman, IRL

West Fenton

Patrick CONNELLY/head/m/25/ag lab/Monaghan, IRL

Elizabeth CONNELLY/wife/26/Monaghan, IRL

Francis CONNELLY/son/10m/Dirleton, ELN

Sarah GILOOLY/servant/u/18/bondager ag lab/Antrin, IRL

Old Farm House

Alexander BERTRAM/head/m/55/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Helen BERTRAM/wife/56/ag lab’s wife/Garvald, ELN

Alexander BERTRAM/son/u/19/app. baker/Dalmeny, MLN

Helen BERTRAM/dau/15/Dunbar, ELN

Old Farm House

Ann BERTRAM/head/u/54/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

John BERTRAM/brother/u/65/imbecile/Dirleton, ELN

Mary MCARTNEY?/sister in law/w/55/house keeper/Dundee, FOR

Old Farm House

Janet B CUNNINGHAM/head/w/48/ag lab’s widow/Tranent, ELN

Margaret CUNNINGHAM/dau/u/20/Athelstaneford, ELN

George CUNNINGHAM/son/u/18/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Isabella CUNNINGHAM/dau/u/16/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Cornelius CUNNINGHAM/son/15/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Alice CUNNINGHAM/dau/12/Athelstaneford, ELN

John CUNNINGHAM/son/10/scholar (absent)/Dirleton, ELN

James F CUNNINGHAM/gson/4m/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 5

West Fenton

Isabella ?erth/head/w/57/pauper (ag lab)/Dirleton, ELN

Marion ?erth/dau/u/24/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

West Fenton

Bridget DIVINE/head/w/45/Antrim/Leitrim?, IRL

John DIVINE/son/u/17/ag lab/Antrim/Leitrim?, IRL

Jane GORMAN/sister/u/28/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Margaret GRANT/boarder/u/23/ag lab/Strath, Isle of Skye

West Fenton

Agnes HASTIE or GORDALL/head/w/54/ag lab’s widow/Inveresk, MLN

Peter GORDALL/son/u/16/ag lab/south Leith, MLN

Mary GORDALL/dau/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

West Fenton

Daria LEES/head/w/41/grocer/Haddington, ELN

Daria B LEES/son/14/scholar/grocer’s son/North Berwick, ELN

John LEES/son/12/scholar/dirleton, ELN

Jean I LEEs/dau/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Thomas G LEES/son/8/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Archibald B LEES/son/6/Dirleton, ELN

George B LEES/son/4/Dirleton, ELN

West Fenton

Martin MIT??EN/head/m/23/ag lab/Leitrim?, IRL

Bridget MIT??EN/wife/22/ag lab’s wife/Leitrim?, IRL

James MIT??EN/son/11/2/Dirleton, ELN

Ellen MITT??EN/servant/u/24/bondager (ag lab)/Leitrim?, IRL

West Fenton

Felix MCGAN?/head/m/25/ag lab/Leitrim?, IRL

Elizabeth MCGAN?/wife/24/ag lab’s wife/Glasgow, LKS

Betsy MCGAN?/dau/2/Dirleton, ELN

Catherine KUMSDY?/sister in law/u/18/ag lab/Glasgow, LKS

Roseann HANIS/servant/w/30/ag lab (bondager)/IRL

Ann CAUSGR??/servant/u/19/bondager (ag lab)/IRL

Pg. 6

West Fenton

John CURRAN/head/m/25/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Catherine CURRAN/wife/26/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Pat CURRAN/son/5/Dirleton, ELN

Thomas CURRAN/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

?ny MEABE/servant/u/20/bondager (ag lab)/Mayo, IRL

West Fenton

George MELROSE/head/m/25/ag lab/moreham, ELN

Janet P MELROSE/wife/24/ag lab’s wife/Whitekirk, ELN

Margaret MELROSE/dau/5/Garvald, ELN

George MELROSE/son/4/Moreham, ELN

Isabella MELROSE/dau/2/Garvald, ELN

West Fenton

Mary BLACK/head/w/65/pauper (ag lab)/Haddington, ELN

Mary BLACK/dau/u/44/ag lab/Haddington, ELN

West Fenton

Michial BRIAN/head/m/26/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Cicilia BRIAN/wife/30/ag lab’s wife/Rosscommon, IRL

Peter BRIAN/son/6/North Berwick, ELN

Mary BRIAN/dau/4/North Berwick, ELN

James BRIAN/son/2/North Berwick, ELN

Ann BRIAN/dau/10m/Dirleton, ELN

Betty CURLEY/niece/u/15/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

John CURLEY/nephew/13/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

John GILHOOLY/fellow servant, lodger/u/20/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

John ?EYMN/fellow servant, lodger/u/20/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Pg. 6-7

West Fenton

Robert LESLIE/head/m/50/mason/Island of Jersey

Jean P LESLIE/wife/47/Lockerby, DFS

Andrew LESLIE/son/u/16/app. wright/Lochmahew, DFS

Pg. 7

West Fenton

John CHRISTIE/head/m/42/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Mary CHRISTIE/wife/30/Strath/, STI

John CHRISTIE/son/14/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Martin CHRISTIE/son/16/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Robert CHRISTIE/son/8/North Berwick, ELN

James CHRISTIE/son/6/Whitekirk, ELN

Jane CHRISTIE/dau/4/North Berwick, ELN

Margaret CHRISTIE/dau/2/Dirleton, ELN

Jane PURVES/wife’s aunt/u/60/Derry, IRL


Pat CUNAM?/head/m/55/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Winfrid CUNAM?/wife/40/ag lab’s wife/Leitrim, IRL

Dennis CUNAM?/son/u/16/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Bridget CUNAM/dau/u/14/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Charles CUNAM/fellow servant/w/56/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Bridget MCPATTON/fellow servant/u/25/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Charles PHEE/fellow servant/11/2/child of above/MLN

Wright Shop

Hugh GOODLET/head/m/62/wright (master)/Dirleton, ELN

Ann GOODLET/wife/63/wright’s wife/Dirleton, ELN

Andrew GOODLET/son/u/24/wright with his father/Dirleton, ELN

John GOODLET/son/u/20/wright with his father/Athelstaneford, ELN

Alison FORSYTH/visitor/u/29/dressmaker/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 7-8

West Fenton

Andrew ROORKE/head/m/38/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Ann ROORKE/wife/26/wife of head/Leitrim, IRL

Catherine ROORKE/dau/6/Dirleton, ELN

Mary ROORKE/dau/4/Dirleton, ELN

Peter ROORKE/son/3/Dirleton, ELN

Peter EARLY/fellow servant/u/23/ag lab/Roscommon, IRL

James QUIN/fellow servant/u/20/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

West Fenton

Allison WALKER/head/m/42/wrights wife/Prestonkirk, ELN

James WALKER/son/13/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Helen WALKER/dau/11/scholar (absent)/Aberlady, ELN

West Fenton

Peter STORIE/head/u/42/blacksmith master/Dirleton, ELN

Mary STORIE/sister/u/43/housekeeper/Dirleton, ELN

Robert STORIE/nephew/13/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

William FLEMING/servant/w/48/blacksmith journeyman/Carnbee, FIF

George RUTHERFORD/servant/u/20/blacksmith journeyman/Inveresk, MLN

West Fenton

James EDMOND/head/w/70/ag lab/Tranent, ELN

Ann EDMOND/dau/u/48/ag lab/Pencaitland, ELN

Mary EDMOND/dau/u/34/ag lab//Haddington, ELN

Janet E BURNS/dau/w/44/housekeeper/Tranent, ELN

Margaret BURNS/gdau/u/13/ag lab/North Berwick, ELN

West Fenton

Beatrice WALLACE/head/u/64/pauper, ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Margaret WALLACE/sister/u/72/pauper, ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 8-9

West Fenton

Michial BLEST/head/m/40/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Biddy D BLEST/wife/42/ag lab’s wife/Leitrim, IRL

Mary BLEST/dau/u/19/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Helen BLEST/dau/u/17/ag lab/Leitrim, IRL

Catherine BLEST/dau/8/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

John BLEST/son/6/Dirleton, ELN

End of the Village of West Fenton.

Pg. 10

New Mains Farm

New Mains of Fenton Barns

John BELL/head/m/50/ag lab (ploughman)/Dirleton, ELN

Jenet M BELL/wife/41/ag lab’s wife/Haddington, ELN

Agnes BELL/dau/12/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

John BELL/son/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

William M BELL/son/7/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Jenet BELL/dau/5/scholar/dirleton, ELN

New Mains of Fenton Barns

James DURIE/head/m/39/ag lab (ploughman)/MLN

Janet ? DURIE/wife/39/ag lab’s wife/Tranent, ELN

Andrew DURIE/son/14/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

William DURIE/son/12/ag lab/Herriot, MLN

Archibald DURIE/son/11/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

James DURIE/son/10/scholar/Inveresk, MLN

Elizabeth DURIE/dau/8/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

John DURIE/son/6/Dirleton, ELN

Margaret DURIE/dau/5/Dirleton, ELN

Robert DURIE/son/3/Dirleton, ELN

Thomas DRURIE/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 10-11

New Mains of Fenton Barns

John ALLAN/head/m/39/ag lab (ploughman)/Salton, ELN

Henrietta M ALLAN/wife/43/ag lab’s wife/Livingstone, LIN

Elisabeth ALLAN/dau/u/14/Athelstaneford, ELN

Mary ALLAN/dau/12/scholar/Athelstaneford, ELN

Jane ALLAN/dau/10/scholar/Athelstaneford, ELN

David ALLAN/son/8/scholar/Athelstaneford, ELN

Agnes ALLAN/dau/5/Athelstaneford, ELN

John ALLAN/son/2/Athelstaneford, ELN

Pg. 11

New Mains of Fenton Barns

George B BERTRAM/head/m/48/ag lab (farm steward)/Dirleton, ELN

Elisabeth BERTRAM/wife/46/ag lab’s wife/Galashiels, SEL

Mary BERTRAM/dau/u/15/domestic servant/Dirleton, ELN

John BERTRAM/son/11/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Francis BERTRAM/son/9/scholar/Dirlton, ELN

End of the Farm of New Mains.

Pg. 12

Farm of Fenton Barns

Fenton Barns

William BROWN/head/m/53/ag lab (ploughman)/Gladsmuir, ELN

Ann M BROWN/wife/56/ag lab’s wife/Moreham ELN

Helen BROWN/dau/u/28/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

William BROWN/son/u/20/ag lab/Gladsmuir, ELN

Fenton Barns P

Alexander HUNTER/head/u/58/ag lab/Morham, ELN

Elisabeth HUNTER/sister/u/56/house keeper/Haddington, ELN

James HUNTER/brother/u/52/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Fenton Barns

John DODDS/head/m/41/ag lab (ploughman)/Stow, MLN

Margaret ? DODDS/wife/39/ag lab’s wife/Peebles, PEE

Thomas DODDS/son/12/scholar/Garvald, ELN

Mary DODDS/dau/8/scholar/Garvald, ELN

John DODDS/son/5/Garvald, ELN

George DODDS/son/2/Garvald, ELN

Fenton Barns

William HUNTER/head/m/35/ag lab (ploughman)/Pencaitland, ELN

Catherine HUNTER/wife/39/ag lab’s wife/Haddington, ELN

William HUNTER/son/12/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Cathrine HUNTER/dau/10/scholar, ELN

Janet HUNTER/dau/7/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

John C HUNTER/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Fenton Barns

William BEITH/head/u/58/ag lab (ploughman)/Dirleton, ELN

Marion BEITH/sister/u/47/Athelstaneford, ELN

Alexander BRIDON/nephew/9/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 12-13

Fenton Barns

Margaret DURIE/head/w/59/Dirleton, ELN

George DURIE/son/u/21/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

John DURIE/son/u/16/ag lab/Athelstaneford, ELN

Pg. 13

Fenton Barns

James BLAIR/head/m/42/ag lab ploughman/Gladsmuir, ELN

Alice F BLAIR/wife/37/ag lab’s wife/Dirleton, ELN

Francis BLAIR/son/u/14/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Elisabeth H BLAIR/dau/12/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Robert F BLAIR/son/8/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

James B BLAIR/son/6/Dirleton, ELN

John BLAIR/son/3/Dirleton, ELN

Marion B BLAIR/dau/1/Dirleton, ELN

Fenton Barns

William RENTON/head/m/52/ag lab ploughman/Newton, MLN

Elizabeth B RENTON/wife/53/ag lab’s wife/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth D RENTON/dau/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Fenton Barns Bothy

John MCCORMICK/head/m/40/ag lab cattleman/Tyrone, IRL

Mary MCCORMICK/wife/32/ag lab’s wife/Rosscommon, IRL

James MCCORMICK/son/6/scholar (absent)/Dirleton, ELN

Mary MCCORMICK/dau/4/Dirleton, ELN

Bridget MCCORMICK/dau/1/Dirleton, ELN

John GLEN/fellow servant/u/21/ag lab/Roscommon, IRL

? JEHARY? (male)/fellow servant/u/26/ag lab/Roscommon, IRL

Catherine GLEN/fellow servant/u/23/bondager ag lab/Roscommon, IRL

Bridget GLEN/sister in law, visitor/m/25/ag lab’s wife/Roscommon, IRL

Catherine WATERS/niece/21/2m/Tranent, ELN

Pg. 13-14

Old Farm House

Hugh BERTRAM/head/m/51/farm steward/Dirleton, ELN

Isabella BERTRAM/wife/48/farm stewards wife/North Berwick, ELN

Agnes BERTRAM/dau/u/25/Dirleton, ELN

Isabella BERTRAM/dau/u/18/Dirleton, ELN

George M? BERTRAM/son/14/scholar/North Berwick, ELN

Peter BERTRAM/son/9/scholar/North Berwick, ELN

Helen M BERTRAM/dau/6/scholar/North Berwick, ELN

Walter NORITON/boarder/u/19/student of agriculture/Lincoln, ENG

John T S PATERSON/boarder/u/22/student of agriculture/Easton, Peebles, PEE

Robert CRAIG/boarder/u/20/student of agriculture/Glasgow, LKS

Pg. 14

Fenton Barns

George HOPE/head/m/50/farmer of 850 acres arable, 650 acres pasture employing 20 labs, 13 boys, 26 women/Dirleton, ELN

Isabella HOPE/wife/42/farmers wife/?, OKI

Henry HOPE/son/5/scholar//Dirleton, ELN

Mary HOPE/dau/1/Dirleton, ELN

Jessie A HOPE/sister/u/38/farmers dau/Dirleton, ELN

Anne BERTRAM/servant/u/21/domestic servant nursery maid/Dirleton, ELN

Alison EDMOND/servant/u/32/domestic servant housemaid/Dirleton, ELN

Agnes GOODALL/u/27/domestic servant/Leith, MLN

Robert GOODALL/servant/u/22/groom in stables/Leith, MLN

End of Fenton Barns.

Pg. 15

Farm of East Fenton

Henry DEANS/head/m/35/farmer of 417 acres employing 12 men, 16-20 women/Gladsmuir, ELN

Mary M DEANS/wife/30/farmers wife/Dunbar, ELN

John DEANS/son/5/Dirleton, ELN

Elizabeth J DEANS/dau/4/Dirleton, ELN

Ellis H DEANS/son/2/Dirleton, ELN

John GRE?/visitor/u/39/surgeon RNSRCS? Edinburgh (half pay not ?)/Dunbar, ELN

Jane BURNS/servant/u/33/domestic servant cook/Elgin, MOR

Helen CLAPPERTON/servant/u/24/domestic servant housemaid/Gifford, ELN

Margaret SVENSON?/servant/u/26/domestic servant nurserymaid/North Leith, MLN

Coach House (with room above)

Thomas STIRLING/servant/u/26/groom in stables/Gladsmuir, ELN

Old Farm House

David WALKER/head/u/45/farm steward/Dirleton, ELN

Elisabeth WALKER/sister/u/38/housekeeper of above/Dirleton, ELN

Old Farm House

John THOMPSON/head/m/54/ag lab shepherd/Dirleton, ELN

Agnes Walker THOMPSON/wife/50/ag lab’s wife/Dirleton, ELN

Old Farm House

Francis EDDINGTON/head/m/58/ag lab ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

Christian EDDINGTON/wife/46/ag labs wife/Prestonkirk, ELN

Helen EDDINGTON/dau/u/16/dressmaker/Dirleton, ELN

Isabella EDDINGTON/dau/14/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Christine EDDINGTON/dau/12/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

John EDDINGTON/son/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Francis EDDINGTON/son/7/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 15-16

Old Farm House

James COMBE/head/u/26/ag lab ploughman/Dalmeny, LIN

William COMBE/brother/u/24/ag lab/Prestonkirk, ELN

Mary COMBE/sister/u/22/housekeeper/Whitekirk, ELN

George COMBE/brother/u/19/ag lab/Whitekirk, ELN

Pg. 16

Marion HORSBURGH/head/w/68/Haddington, ELN

Elisabeth HORSBURGH/dau/u/34/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

James HORSBURGH/son/u/24/ag lab ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

William HENDRIE/head/m/41/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Mary HENDRIE/wife/41/ag labs wife/Gladsmuir, ELN

William HENDRIE/son/11/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Adam HENDRIE/son/7/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

John BLAIR/head/m/46/ag lab ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

Ann G BLAIR/wife/51/ag labs wife/Dirleton, ELN

Margaret BLAIR/dau/14/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Janet BLAIR/dau/13/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

John VEITH/gson/3/Dirleton, ELN

Robert RAMAGE/head/m/60/ag lab ploughman/North Berwick, ELN

Margaret H RAMAGE/wife/58/ag labs wife/North Berwick, ELN

Robert RAMAGE/gson/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN


Mary MCKINNON/head/u/26/ag lab/Strath, INV

Mary MCKINNON/fellow servant/u/22/ag lab/Strath, INV

Marion MCLEOD/fellow servant/u/26/ag lab/Strath, INV

Mary MCFARLANE/fellow servant/u/19/ag lab/Strath, INV

Agnes MCNEIL/fellow servant/u/55/ag lab/Duirnish, INV

Marion MCLEAN/fellow servant/u/24/ag lab/Duirnish, INV

Isabella MCLEOD/fellow servant/u/27/ag lab/Waternish, INV

Nora FERGUSON/fellow servant/u/22/ag lab/Waternish, INV

No 3 Bothy

Margaret MC?/u/28/ag lab/South Uist

Christian ?/u/25/ag lab/South Uist

Catherine MCAULY/u/18/ag lab/South Uist

Catherine MCMILLAN/u/24/ag lab/Kintail, ROC

End of the Farm of East Fenton.

Pg. 18

Farm of Queenston Bank

Queenston Bank

Thomas BEGBIE/head/m/44/farmer of 450 acres employing 13 men, 13 women, 4 boys/Dirleton, ELN

Christina S A BEGBIE/wife/32/farmers wife/Peebles, PEE

George BEGBIE/son/4/Dirleton, ELN

John A BEGBIE/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Helen ALLAN/servant/u/23/domestic servant/Belle Quarry, MLN

Anne SIDDEL/servant/u/30/domestic servant/Dunbar, ELN

Elisabeth CHISHOLM/servant/u/22/domestic servant/Dirleton, ELN

Queenston Bank

Andrew YOUNG/head/m/47/farm steward/Haddington, ELN

Agnes C YOUNG/wife/34/farm stewards wife/North Leith, MLN

Andrew YOUNG/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Jessie CREE?/sister in law/u/27/domestic servant/Dirleton, ELN


Euphemia MUNRO/fellow servant/u/27/ag lab/Kilmuir, SKYE

Euphemia MCDONALD/fellow servant/u/26/ag lab/Kilmuir, SKYE

Euphemia MCLEOD/fellow servant/u/23/ag lab/Kilmuir, SKYE

Catherine MCKINNON/fellow servant/u/25/ag lab/Kilmuir, SKYE

Marion MCMILLAN/fellow servant/u/23/ag lab/Kilmuir, SKYE

Margaret MCQUEEN/fellow servant/u/18/ag lab/Kilmuir, SKYE

Marion MCKINNON/fellow servant/u/20/ag lab/Kilmuir, SKYE

Pg. 18-19

Queenston Bank

James THOMPSON/head/w/42/ag lab ploughman/Ormiston, ELN

John THOMPSON/son/u/17/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Margaret THOMPSON/dau/15/fathers housekeeper/Dirleton, ELN

Euphemia THOMPSON/dau/13/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Rachel THOMPSON/dau/10/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

George THOMPSON/son/7/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

James THOMPSON/son/5/Prestonkirk, ELN

Pg. 19

Queenston Bank

Andrew JOHNSTONE/head/m/44/ag lab ploughman/Edrom, BEW

Elizabeth G JOHNSTONE/wife/34/Dunbar, ELN

John JOHNSTONE/son/6/scholar/Dirleton, ELN

Alison G JOHNSTONE/dau/4/Dirleton, ELN

Robert JOHNSTONE/son/1/Dirleton, ELN

Queenston Bank

William LYON/head/m/34/ag lab ploughman/Liberton, MLN

Jemima LYON/wife/35/Athelstaneford, ELN

Jemima LYON/dau/10/scholar/Gifford, ELN

Ann LYON/dau/4/Humbie, ELN

Queenston Bank

John CHISHOLM/head/m/61/ag lab shepherd/Lauder, BEW

Janet CHISHOLM/dau/u/17/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Queenston Bank

James HOWDEN/head/m/30/groom in stable/Dirleton, ELN

Christina HOWDEN/wife/22/Dunbar, ELN

Queenston Bank

Agnes BLACK/head/w/57/Temple, MLN

William BLACK/son/u/24/ag lab ploughman/Dirleton, ELN

Isabella BLACK/dau/u/33/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Alexander BLACK/son/u/16/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Christina HALL/gdau/10/scholar/Aberlady, ELN

Queenston Bank

George HOWDEN/head/m/70/ag lab/Ormiston, ELN

Margaret HOWDEN/wife/69/Newton, MLN

Robert HOWDEN/son/u/43/ag lab ploughman/Gladsmuir, ELN

Margaret GRUNDIE/servant/u/32/ag lab bondager/Prestonpans, ELN

Pg. 19-20

Queenston Bank

William HOOD/head/m/45/ag lab ploughman/Salton, ELN

Elisabeth HOOD/wife/42/ag labs wife/Humbie, ELN

William HOOD/son/u/15/ag lab/Dirleton, ELN

Robert HOOD/son/11/ag lab cowherd/Dirleton, ELN

Elisabeth HOOD/dau/4/Dirleton, ELN

Rachel HOOD/dau/2/Dirleton, ELN

Pg. 20

Queenston Bank

John HANDYSIDE/head/m/38/ag lab ploughman/Lauder, BEW

Elisabeth HANDYSIDE/wife/39/Waternish, INV

Queenston Bank

Robert HOWDEN/head/m/63/ag lab ploughman/Whitekirk, ELN

Mary HOWDEN/wife/64/Whitekirk, ELN

Margaret HAMILTON/dau/m/28/ag labs wife/Dirleton, ELN

Robert HOWDEN/son/u/19/railway lab/Dirleton, ELN

Mary HOWDEN/gdau/5/Leith, MLN

End of the Farm of Queenston Bank.

© 1861 Census Data- General Register Office for Scotland. Crown copyright. Reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and Queen’s Printer for Scotland

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