Prominent Persons from Fife Scotland

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Prominent Persons from Fife Scotland 

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* Andrew CARNEGIE, industrialist & philanthropist

* James WILSON was a signer of the Declaration of Independence in America. He immigrated from Fife to America with his brother William WILSON. They were sons ofWilliam WILSON and Allison LANDALS. James went to Philadelphia. Married 1st- Rachel BIRD, daughter of William BIRD, of Bucks Co., PA, proprietor of the fine seat and iron-works on the Schuylkill, called Birdsborough.

Children were: Mary WILSON (m. Paschal HOLLINGSWORTH, Esq. of Philadephia), WilliamWILSON (died at Kaskaskias about 1815), Bird WILSON (a clergyman in New York, held a judicial station in PA), James WILSON, who was a lieutenant in the army, but resigning that station, became a merchant, and died at St. Domingo, in 1808), Emily WILSON (died at Norristown, 1809 Charles WILSON (first a midshipman in the navy, and afterwards in mercantile business, who died atHavanah --Savannah or Havana??? -- in 1800), four children who died unmarried. James WILSON married 2nd- Hannah GRAy. Their son Henry WILSON,died in infancy."

(from 1823 book about the signers of the Declaration of Independence, by John Sanderson)

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