Surnames Beginning with "G"


Barbara Lewis

A date preceded by a minus sign means up to and including that date.
A date followed by a plus sign means from that date forwards

SURNAME Dunbartonshire Placename(s) DATE(S) CONTACT
GALBRAITH Kilmaronock 1700-1930 Eleanor Evans
GALLACHER Bonhill 1880-1899 Brian Manson
GALLACHER Bonhill 1841+ Nancy Lynn
GALLACHER Dalmuir -1840 Peggy Shadel
GALLACHER Helensburgh -1887-1951 Catherine Lee
GALLOWAY Kilmaronock -1790 Nancy
GARDENER Dumbarton 1600-1800 Bruce Morrison
GARDNER Bonhill Bef 1897 Frank C. Turner
GARVIN Cardross 1800-1905 Catherine Madina
GAY Dumbarton 1740-1770 Don McArthur
GAY Cardross 1764-1771 Don McArthur
GEORGE Rhu 1820+ Robert George
GEMMELL Duntocher 1820+ Norman Lamont
GIFFARD/GIFFORD Kirkintilloch -1881 Christine Meredith
GILLESPIE Bonhill 1837+ Ken Morton
GILLILAND Cardross 1850-1999 ValRalston
GILLON Clydebank 1875- Barbara Lewis
GILMORE Bonhill 1830+ Elwyn Rigby
GILMOUR Bonhill 1830+ Barry Dunne
GILPATRICK Old Kilpatrick 1550-1620+ Denise Kagan
GLASS All All Alan Glass
GLEN Luss -1800 Nancy
GLEN Bonhill 1800+ Christine Hadden
GLEN Cardross 1830+ Dorothy Taylor
GOLDIE Row 1857-1868 Maureen Martin
GOODALE New Kilpatrick 1800-1900 Randie
GOODFELLOW Row 1857-1868 James J. Stewart
GOODFELLOW All 1743+ Tom Brawley
GORDON Bonhill 1800+ Noreen Talbot
GORDON Dumbarton 1865+ Don Muirhead
GRAHAM Little Mills/Old Kilpatrick 1784-1830 Peggy
GRAHAM Alexandria 1837+ Jean Day
GRAHAM Kirkintilloch All Bill Wallace
GRAHAM Renton 1800+ Janet
GRAHAM Cumbernauld 1775+ Donald Downie
GRAHAM New Kilpatrick 1835+ Jean Phillpotts
GRAHAM Helensburgh 1840-1900 Tom Thorne
GRANGER Bonhill/Balloch/Jamestown All Ed Larocque
GRAY Kirkintilloch All Karen Fox
GRAY Luss -1800 Gillian Harber
GRAY Waterside/Kirkintilloch -1760-1800 Robbie Craig
GRAY Dumbarton All Dianne Grigson
GREER Cardross 1790-1866 Catherine Madina
GRIEVE All 1870+ jtennent
GRIEVE Bonhill -1855 Kerrie Farleigh,
GUTHRIE Kirkintilloch 1800+ Bill Wallace
GUY Dunbarton/Cardross 1857-1881 unknown

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