Surnames Beginning with "D"


Barbara Lewis

A date preceded by a minus sign means up to and including that date.
A date followed by a plus sign means from that date forwards

Surname Dunbartonshire Placename(s) Date(s) Contact
DALGLISH Row 1848+ Robert Dalglish
DALRYMPLE Kirkintilloch All Annie Williams
DALRYMPLE Kirkintilloch 1780+ Margaret Miller
D'ARCY Dumbarton All Anne Connell
DAVIE Cardross 1800-1840 Ray Johnston
DAVIE/DAVEY Rosneath/Rhu/Portkil -1750 Bruce Niven
DAWSON Kirkintilloch -1820 Barbara Ferraby
DEENEY Dumbarton 1860+ Joe Gardner
DENNY Bonhill 1860-1870 Rosemary McLarty
DEWAR New Kilpatrick 1780-1806 Carol Miles
DEVLIN Dumbarton 1901+ Nancy Lynn
DICKIE Yoker 1800-1850 Flora /Rookes
DILLON Dumbarton 1870 Nancy Lynn
DILLON Clydebank -1887+ Kathleen Christensen
DINES Jamestown 1900-1950 Brian Manson
DINWOODY Kilmaronock 1800-1900 Gordon McIndoe
DIVER(S) Clydebank 1800-1940 Ellen Wycislo
DOCHERTY Bonhill 1827-1899 Catherine Madina
DOCHERTY Duntocher 1800-1845 John Docherty
DOCHERTY Dumbarton 1900-1920 Theresa McEntyre
DOCHERTY Dumbarton 1851-1900 Hugh Docherty
DODDS Kirkintilloch All Karen Fox
DOLLAR Kirkintilloch 1790+ Doreen Dimitroff
DONACHIE Old Kilpatrick 1840+ Jean Phillpotts
DORREN Kirkintilloch -1860 Karen Fox
DOUGLAS New Kilpatrick 1780 John Armour
DOUGLAS Dumbarton 1825-1855 Sally Douglas
DOW Kirkintilloch 1800-1817 Robert Hay Wilson
DOWNIE Cumbernauld 1805+ Donald Downie
DRUMMOND All -1950 Jim
DRUMMOND All 1850 Richard Drummond Stevenson
DRUMMOND All 1790 Shauna Sargent
DUFF Scottish Port 1859 Ray Christmas
DUNCAN Cumbernauld -1800 Peter Duncan
DUNCAN Kirkintilloch 1700-1850 John
DUNN Kirkintilloch 1700-1800 John
DUNN Kirkintilloch -1855-1875 Sharon Howell
DUNSMORE Clydebank 1854+ Christina Hawkins
DUNWOODY/DUNWOODIE Kilmaronock 1800-1900 Gordon McIndoe
DYKES Bonhill/ Old Kilpatrick 1760-1842 James Turner
DYKES Bonhill 1780-1840+ William Higgins
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