Surnames Beginning with "C"


Barbara Lewis

A date preceded by a minus sign means up to and including that date.
A date followed by a plus sign means from that date forwards

Surname Dunbartonshire Placename(s) Date(s) Contact
CAIRNIE New Kilpatrick All Alan Cairnie
CALDER Kirkintilloch -1900 Michael Calder
CALDER Kirkintilloch 1825-1858 Margaret Miller
CALDER Kirkintilloch 1829-1856 Donna Stevens
CALDER Kirkintilloch -1900 Shona Scott
CALDWELL Bonhill 1874-1884 Brian Manson
CALDWELL Clydebank Late 1800s+ Elizabeth Savage
CAMERON Cardross 1794+ Sue Best
CAMERON Dumbarton/Bonhill 1828+ Lisa Bosnich
CAMERON Dunbartonshire 1822 Mark Camerson
CAMERON Dumbarton All George McManus
CAMLIN Cardross 1855-1921 Catherine Madina
CAMPBELL Rho 1860-1867 Deb
CAMPBELL Kirkintilloch 1820-1900 Nancy
CAMPBELL Renton 1860+ Nancy
CAMPBELL Dumbarton All Merlyn Gibson
CAMPBELL New Kilpatrick/East Drumchapel 1891+ Irene Campbell
CAMPBELL Cardross 1794+ Sue Best
CAMPBELL Roseneath/Row 1786-1807 John Hilton Lester
CAMPBELL Row 1823+ Elwyn Rigby
CAMPBELL Kirkintilloch 1905+ Kelly Mercer
CAMPBELL Arrochar/Tarbet 1770+ Keith Campbell
CAMPBELL Bonhill/Aexandria 1840+ Linda Temple
CARDEY Dumbarton 1800-1859 Keith Campbell
CARDIE/CARDEY Dumbarton 1826 John Small
CARLIN Argyl/Bute 1892+ William Longmuire
CARNIE/CARNEY Kirkintilloch 1860+ Sarah Clark Stevens
CARNIE New Kilpatrick All Alan Cairnie
CARSON Longcroft 1908-1918 Sue Harding
CASSADY Haddington 1800-2005 Richard Judd
CASSIDY Clydebank/Dumbarton 1870-1900 Nancy Murphy
CAVEN Dumbarton 1900+ Marianne Caven
CHALMERS Roseneath 1770+ Lesley Instone
CHALMERS Row 1840+ Lesley Instone
CHALMERS Dumbarton 1860-1950 Sheila Brown
CHAPMAN Old Kilpatrick 1830+ Bobbi Chapman
CHRISTIE Bonhill 1857-1948 Heather Moser
CHRISTIE All 1728+ Tom Brawley
CLARK Old Kilpatrick 1770-1840 Nancy
CLARK Vale of Leven 1820-1900 Nancy
CLARK Clydebank/Old Kilpatrick All Barbara Ferraby
CLARK Dumbarton 1830-1870 Barbara Lyall
CLAUD Dumbartonshire 1700 John Wilson
CLUGGIE/CLOGGIE Kirkintilloch All Dianne Grigson
COLQUHOUN Old Kilpatrick -1700 Nancy
COLQUHOUN Luss 1780-1820 Nancy
COLQUHOUN Old Kilpatrick 1700's Maureen Martin
COLQUHON Luss -1760 Cathy
COLQUHOUN Renton 1860+ Heather Murray
COLQUHOUN Old Kilpatrick 1671-1784 Sue Harvey
COLLEY All All Jeanette
CONKIE All All Alan Glass
CONNACHER Kirkintilloch 1800-1900 John Connacher
CONNELL Clydebank 1830+ Bob Madigan
CONNELY Dumbarton 1800-1850 David Simpson
CONNOLLY Dumbarton 1850-1910 Martin Connolly
CONROY Clydebank/Dumbarton 1870-1900 Nancy Murphy
COWIE Cumbernauld -1870 Thomas Brown
COYLE Duntocher 1850+ Debbie Derrick
CRAIG Waterside -1794-1890 Robbie Craig
CRAWFORD Clydebank 1890+ Linda Etty
CRAWFORD Helensburgh 1880-1920 Isobel Chilton
CRUM Dumbarton 1600-1730 Bruce Morrison
CULLEN Dumbarton 1860+ H and M
CULLEY All All Jeanette
CUNNINGHAM Dumbarton 1870 Bobby McKean
CUNNINGHAM Clydebank 1890+ Linda Etty
CUNNINGHAM Helensburgh 1840-1900 Tom Thorne
CUNNINGHAM Kirkintilloch 1820+ Doreen Dimitroff
CUST Cardross/Bonhill 1813+ Lisa Bosnich
CUTHBERTSON Renton -1817 Janet
CUTHELL Dumbarton 1800-1875 Lou Nelson
CUTHILL Row 1880-1910 Lesley Instone
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