Surnames Beginning with "B"


Barbara Lewis

A date preceded by a minus sign means up to and including that date.
A date followed by a plus sign means from that date forwards

Surname Dunbartonshire Placename(s) Date(s) Contact
BAIN Balloch 1870-1880 Brian Manson
BAINE Cardross 1740-1840 Don McArthur
BAIRD Kirkintiloch All Peggy Heseltine
BANKIER Kirkintilloch/Kilsyth/Cadder 1600-2006 Angela McMurtry
BARCLAY Canonbie/Langholm 1800+ Chuck Thompson
BARKER Bonhill 1850 Cathy
BARR Cardross 1878- Catherine Madina
BARR Cardross/Dumbarton 1870+ Jenny Spruyt
BARR Cardross/Bonhill 1800-1949 Susan Thomson
BARRETT Kirkintilloch -1890 Karen Fox
BARRIE Kirkintilloch -1870 Karen Fox
BELL Cardross 1794+ Sue Best
BELL Dumbarton 1795+ Nancy Lynn
BELL Cardross -1912 Helen McLachlan Taylor
BENNETT Dumbarton 1851- Frances Bennett Maddox
BENNIE Alexandria 1880-1925 Stewart Bennie
BERRY All All L.R.
BETHUNE Unknown 1600-1800 John H. Lester
BIGGAM Bonhill 1800-1900 Susan Thomason
BLACK Dumbarton 1800+ Christina Hawkins
BLACK Kirkintilloch 1800+ Phyllis Black
BLAIR Kirkintilloch 1909-1912 dbdevore
BLAIR Cambuslang 1941-1943 dbdevore
BLAIR Rutherglen 1954-1958 dbdevore
BONE All 1729+ Tom Brawley
BONTINE Helensburgh 1840-1940 Tom Thorne
BOTTOMLEY Dumbarton Castle 1860-1880 James Pearsall
BOWIE New Kilpatrick 1700-1920 Nicole Ross
BOYD Cumbernauld 1805+ Donald Downie
BRANNAN Dumbarton 1796+ Judy Scown
BROCK Old Kilpatrick pre 1775 Janice Lodge
BRODIE Row 1750-1850 Don McArthur
BROWN(E) Kirkintilloch -1855-1875 Sharon Howell
BROWN Renton 1906-1982 Fiona Rennie
BROWN Renton 1863+ Fiona Rennie
BROWN(E) Cumbernauld 1775+ Donald Downie
BROWN(E) Clydebank 1880-1900 Val Jones-Royal
BROWN Vale of Leven 1830-1850 Christine Murphy
BROWN Dunbarton 1880-1940 Gord Lester
BROWN Alexandria 1829-1920 David Granger
BROWN Dumbarton/Bonhill 1890-1916 Brian Manson
BROWN Renton 1890-1920 Brian Manson
BROWN Dumbarton 1850-1900 David Bailey
BROWN Cumbernauld 1844-1873 Thomas Brown
BROWN Dumbarton 1850-1916 Sheila Brown
BROWNLIE/BROWNLEE Croy Mill All Ray Hawkins
BRYSON Cumbernauld 1760-1860 Linda Newman
BUCHANAN Renton 1860-1883 Rosemary McLarty
BUCHANAN Vale of Leven 1830-1850 Christine Murphy
BUCHANAN Helensburgh 1840-1940 Tom Thorne
BUCHANAN Old Kilpatrick/Bonhill 1537-1723 Sarah Meagher
BUCHANAN Cardross -1840 Ann Glasson
BUCHANAN Dumbarton 1770+ Brenda Ruffett
BUCHANAN East Kilpatrick 1750+ Dean Newman
BUCHANAN Inverkip -1795 Marolyn Buchanan
BUCHANAN Helensburgh -1845 Marolyn Buchanan
BUNTING Cardross abt 1800 Avril Anderson
BURNS Little Mills/Old Kilpatrick 1784-1830 Peggy Oberbeck
BURNS Alexandria/Bonhill 1849-1867 John Scanlon
BURNS Renton 1760-1830 Bruce Morrison

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